A consultation is a one-on-one talk regarding your personal direction, issues, or concerns.  We can focus on one or more subjects.  If there's an area of your life that is not happy, this service is for you.  By accessing my direct experience and education as a perceptionist, you'll be thrilled with just how accessible relief can be. ​ This session is akin to life coaching.

​$50 (1 hour)

​​"I believe science and metaphysics are connected.  Very few people could conceptualize microscopic life before the microscope,  yet is was always there."    ~Rebecca

The Many Ways We Can Connect...

  Mini Sessions

If you just need a little help, request a mini session at 1/2 price.

Groups:   Personal Enrichment Classes, Seminars, & Workshops can be scheduled at your business, gathering place, or educational institution.
Individuals:  Sessions may be conducted in person, by phone, or online.  Those under age 18 are welcome but must have parental consent.

​Note:  You do not need a PayPal account to submit payments below.  Many payment types are accepted.  Quantity can be increased during purchase.



The quantity of each may be increased during purchase to reflect the amount desired:

Class or Other Service...........$20                                                                  Class or Other Service..........$28

Class or Other Service...........$25                                                                  Class or Other Service...........$30

Class or Other Service..........$100                                                                 Class or Other Service..........$250

Medium Session......$80  (30 min)                                                                 Class or Other Service..........$350

Rebecca Troup -  Perceptionist, Speaker, Intuitive, Educator
     As a certified instructor, speaker, and consultant, Rebecca has been educating and guiding those in the business, medical, and metaphysical fields for over 29 years.  She has become well known and respected for her unique ability to educate and present comprehensive information in a fun, easy-to-understand manner.  Her approach to shifting everyday perceptions has helped countless individuals    
enjoy a happier life. In addition to extensive private study, Rebecca has enjoyed learning with many talented individuals from the United States and abroad.  She has been invited to speak at expositions, seminars, radio, colleges, churches, libraries, bookstores, and more.

Classes, Training, Workshops 

After enrollment by email, use the Add to Cart buttons below to pay for your class, course, or workshop.  You can change the quantity of any selection to create the right amount if needed.

Reiki Training
      There are 3 levels of training, which may be taken as close or far apart as desired.  Some people prefer to receive only Level I which is great for personal healing & for use with others.  Some prefer to  take the Mental/Emotional Healing Level II and the Master/Teacher Level III.  Certificates and notes are included with each level.  Call or email for more information or to schedule your training session.

Healing the Body
By combining the ancient art of Reiki with an understanding of anatomy, physiology, and most importantly, the body's energy system, I will guide you to a state of natural healing. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher.  I believe the method is not nearly as important as understanding how healing truly occurs.  Sessions can be done in person or remotely. 

$50  (45-60 mins)

Personal Development

Class/Seminar/Workshop Topics
Descriptions and details available upon request.

::.For a list of currently running classes see the Calendar Page.::

*    There's Honey in Everything!
*    Knowing Your Inner Personal Power
*    Navigating Change
*    Stress Management:  Truly Relieving the Pressure
*    Improving Your Relationships (work/client/home)
*    Appreciating Your Way to a Happier Life
*    Embrasing Negativity While Living Positively
*    Attracting What You Want
*    Dealing with Life’s Difficulties
*    Making Decisions Intuitively
*    How to Teach a Class
*    Using Positive Thoughts & Affirmations
*    Shifting Perception is the Key
*    How to Go with the Flow Realistically
*    The Metric System Made Easy
*    Attitude:  Why it Matters
*    Meditation
*    Using Intuition on the Job
*    Intuition & the Body
*    How Healing Really Works
*    The Body’s 4 Bodies
*    The Art of Allowing Healing
*    Distraction from Disease
*    Principles of Calmness
*    No Worries, Many Options
*    Laughter is Great Medicine
*    How Colors Affect Us
*    How Fear Influences Illness
*    To Each His Own:  Honoring Choice Differences
*    Happiness:  Raising the Vibe of Your Life
*    Reiki I, II, III
*    The Affects of Attitude on Health
*    Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing
*    The Body Talks:  Learn How to Listen
*    Living in the Now
*    Self-Healing

The Human Body:
*    Understanding How Your Body Talks to You
*    How the Brain Perceives Pain
*    Your Emotional Guidance System
*    Protective Mechanisms of the Body
*    Invisible Invaders are helpers
*    The Incredible Human Body
*    How Tissue Repairs
*    How the Body Heals Itself

*    Intuition Development
*    Tarot
*    Advanced Tarot
*    Connecting with Those Who Have Passed
*    Communicating with Spiritual Guides
*    Law of Attraction
*    How to See Auras
*    Dreams & Symbols
*    How to Conduct a Reading
*    Psychometry
*    Your Emotional Guidance System
*    Angels/Spiritual Guides
*    What Happens When We Die?
*    Life Between Lives
*    Metaphysical Concepts
*    Fear kNOw Evil
*    Reality of Ghosts
*    Reincarnation
*    Remote Viewing
*    Spiritual Chaos/The Dark Night of the Soul
*    Trusting Divine Order
*    Vision Boarding with Intention
*    Animal Communication & Wellness
*    Seeing Your Life as Heaven Sees It
*    The Natural Laws of the Universe
*    Tapping Into Your Guidance
*    The Joy of Death

Working with Clients:
*    Listening:  What Your Client is Really Saying
*    Handling Severe Illness & Death
*    Focus:  Problem vs. Solution
*    How Not to Counsel
*    Taking Criticism Seriously...or Not
*    Professional Ethics

Topics can be tailored to your specific needs and available time.

Intuitive Sessions
An Intuitive Session is what most people refer to as a reading.   By way of the intuitive impressions I receive,  you'll receive guidance which can assist you in many ways.  Our focus can be specific to one issue or a general overview.  We also can incorporate tarot guidance.  (A Mediumship Session is different and can be selected from the services listed below.)

​$60 (30 mins)

We have nothing better to do than learn 

     & so it is 

     & so we teach each other.

"I especially enjoy teaching others how to trust... life, the order of things, themselves.   Learning basic trust brings an extraordinary calmness and sense of personal power to life!"   ~Rebecca