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Tips for spiritual and emotional balance

    1.  Thoughts become things - Think about what does feel good to  you (in your life, in your body, in your desires, etc.).  Steer your thoughts away from the 'don't wants' and the 'don't likes'  and spend more time on the 'do likes'.  It won't take long at all before your life and your body respond in kind.

    2.  Stress doesn't live in higher vibrations - Close your eyes and imagine waves of vibrating  energy washing through your body.  Have fun with it.  Feel it.  Relax with it.  Know it.  Image it like a shower, if that helps.  Even if you only do this for a minute or so, it will make a pleasant difference.  

     3.  Balancing your Chakras- To keep the flow of chi (life energy) coming steadily  into the body, you can "spin" your own chakras very easily.  It's as simple as taking one hand and spinning it in a clockwise fashion over each major chakra area (clockwise:  as if a clock is sitting on your body facing out to the world, follow the path the clock's hands would make as they turn).  Create a funnel-like effect over the area, like pushing smoke into a swirl.  The colors associated with each chakra are listed here also (ROY-G-BIV, like a rainbow, from bottom to top).  You may think of, or visualize, each of the colors as you spin each chakra, but it's not necessary for the technique to be effective.

                    The Seven Major Chakra locations: 

                               1st Chakra - from the base of the spine.  Like a funnel 
                                coming from the bottom of the trunk toward the floor.  Red.

                               2nd Chakra - at the area between the belly button and the
                                pubic area.  Orange.

                               3rd Chakra - at the solar plexus (bread basket, between
                                the bottom of the rib cage and the navel).  Yellow.

                               4th Chakra - over the chest, relative to the heart area.  Green.

                               5th Chakra - at the neck.  Blue.

                               6th Chakra - at the forehead.  Indigo.

                               7th Chakra - out the crown/top of the head, like a funnel
                                 widening toward the sky.  Violet.

The 2nd through the 6th energy centers are on both sides of the body, but you need only work with the front in this case.  This chakra technique can be done daily or whenever you think of it.  It can take less than a minute to several minutes depending on your preference and available time.  It's extremely effective.  

4.  Healing Breath - This is a breathing technique that is very effective for dumping stress and accumulated "junk".  It can be done as often as you like and for as long as you like.  Don't worry if you're not a great visualizer, your thoughts are enough.   Begin by breathing in a sparkling white light.  Let it soak into your body as a whole or into a particular section of the body.  Next, breathe out whatever color you associate with your "junk".  That color may be different each time you do this technique.  Continue to breath in the white light and breath out the darker color - let the darker color becomes lighter and lighter until it is as white as the air you're breathing in.  When you've done this, you have "dumped" the denser energy from your body and replaced it with the natural, vital energy of the universe.  Remember, you can do this for a few moments as a pick-me-up or for several minutes to gain a deeper benefit.

5.  Self-Talk - Say good-feeling things to yourself.  Be real about it.  You know you're wonderful - if nobody else has told you lately, tell yourself.  "I'm a good person.  I'm learning as I go, just like everyone else.  I think I'll take it easy on me.  I like to feel good.  Everything works out for me one way or another.  I've made it OK this far in life - and I'll keep making it."  You get it.  Be creative.

6.  Happy is as Happy Does - Close your eyes or just stare off into the nothingness and go to your happy place.  Any happy place.  

7.  Meditate- Meditation isn't difficult.  It's simple and can be done in so many ways.  The main point is to bring your awareness to where you are.  Be with you.  Be one with all that is.

8.  Pre-program it- How would you like it to go?  Your day.  Your next event. Anything.  Think it and let the synchronistic motion of life create some version of that.   

9.  Keep Love Flowing- You have an endless supply of love in your Heavenly account.  Why not spend it freely on yourself and others?  Besides, isn't it nice to know we have something we can spend/give without limitation?   Here's how I spend my grace account.  When I notice...

          ~ A man struggling to breathe as he walks up a few steps.
                    - I see him well as I walk past.  That's what Jesus did, btw.

          ~ Dead animals by the roadside. 
                    - I send a blessing and thoughts of a lovely ascension.

          ~ A woman impatiently screaming at another driver. 
                    - I send a calm wave of energy her way with a quick thought like, "De-stress, it's OK."

          ~ A teenager who appears to be feeling defeated by life. 
                    - I send love that says, "You truly are wonderful. Remember who you are and why you're here."

          ~ I feel down or discouraged or sick... 
                    - I remind myself to 'take it easy on me' and I trust that this too shall pass.  There is much good that comes from this type of contrast.

          ~ The latest kidnapping story on the news. 
                    - I ask for the best outcome for all, realizing that that can be anything.

You get the idea.  It's good for both you and the other person or situation.  There's no need be elaborate or go overboard.  Keep it simple, short, and sweet.  Heaven knows your intention and will take it from there.  Any of these blessings take just a few seconds and I can do this while I'm carrying on a conversation or driving or working or shopping.........

10.  Living in the Now- Every chance you get, every time you think of it...bring your attention to right now.  Be the curious observer.  Am I OK right now?  Am I happy right now?  Do I have any problems right now?  Perhaps you'll find that you're fine - that your life is fine.  Perhaps thoughts and feelings will come to you regarding what to do about the things that don't seem fine.  Being observant and being situated in the "now" will not only heighten your trust in life, but will bring changes that only you can understand and relate to.  Never mind the past.  Never mind the future.  You can only ever truly be where you are right now.  And how happy that is, depends on your decisions about it. 

Recommended Reading & Other Resources

1.  Emmanuel's Books I, II, & III by Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton
These books are in Q & A format, perfect for quick reference after you've read them.  They most likely won't be found in bookstores anymore, so I've listed them by ISBN # so you can look for them online. 
Emmanuel's Book    0-553-34387-4
Emmanuel's Book II: The Choice for Love   0-553-34750-0
Emmanuel's Book III: What is an Angel Doing Here?    0-553-37412-5

2.  Any material by Abraham as translated by Esther Hicks.  Found at major bookstores, online stores, or at

3.  Any books by Florence Scovel Shinn - she only wrote a handful of books and each is very short and to the point.  These were written in the 1940's and are great for anyone wanting to tie together bible teachings and the law of attraction/spiritual teachings.

4.  Key to Yourself by Venice Bloodworth

5.  The Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson

6.  Journey of Souls by Michael Newton and Destiny of Souls by Micheal Newton (2nd book to Journey of Souls)

7.  Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger (a very detailed account of their son's past life memories along with documented research).

8.  Anything by Wayne Dyer

9.  For a balanced view of alternative and conventional  medicine/practices see Dr. Andrew Weil at

10.  Your own personal inner knowing & guidance.  Trust it.

Common Questions & Answers

​What is Reiki?
     Reiki is pronounced "Ray-Key".  Rei means 'universal' and Ki refers to the vital life force energy that flows through all that is alive.  Modern science states that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but that , like everything else, we are also composed of energy fields.  This ancient "laying-on-of-hands" healing technique allows energy to be channeled to the body in its pure form.  Relaxing yet rejuvenating, this technique can be performed on anyone regardless of physical restrictions.  Although  healing modalities are  used in many hospitals, health care facilities, and private practices today, each is meant to compliment, not replace or conflict with, traditional health care.  I am a Reiki Master Practitioner.  I do not heal you (no one does).  I help you allow healing.

Why does it hurt so much when we lose a loved one?   From:  N. M.
     The phrase "lose a loved one" says it all.  We are taught to see death as a separation and, therefore, a bad thing.  Your loved ones are only out of body.  They're never gone or separated from you.  They are fine, happy, content, thrilled....home.  It's truly a compliment to miss someone, but please know that the soul is more than the person you knew here.  They want you to move on to the happy life you have available to you.  Talk to them whenever you feel compelled to, they'll hear.

Does the soul know what it's doing when we're in darkness and seem lost?  From:  A.E.
     Yes, absolutely and always.  Not only is the soul aware, it's enjoying the journey immensely.  You're never lost or in darkness as far as "you the soul" is concerned.  The soul is learning and experiencing without fear & without attachment.  The "human you" has been conditioned to play according to the rules of our current societal beliefs.  Don't be fooled though, you welcomed a little conditioning - it's helping you learn.  You haven't gotten yourself into anything more than "you the soul" bargained for as possibilities.  To truly and fully experience anything, you have to really get into it, right?  Well, your soul is into it.  Trust the flow, even when it's tough, really tough.  Darkness is nothing more than a pathway to faith.  You'll pass right through the darkness into the light.  As for why darkness and fear are here:  Forget karma and life lessons...there's more to it than that.  Heaven has a greater understanding of darkness and suffering.  Don't stress about the 'why' - just treasure the glimpses of truth that can be seen in hindsight. 

How do I know if I'm intuitive?   From:  C.M.
     Everyone is intuitive.  It's a basic survival instinct.  Some, however, are more aware of or more interested in their own intuition.  No different than how some are more interested in the ability to drive, so they learn to become talented race car drivers.  Any person's skill or interest is directly related to the wisdom that he/she came to Earth to gain.  Not that Heaven needs skilled race car drivers, but Heaven does see the need for the wisdom that such a life provides.  The same applies to developing your intuition.  It's one of many ways to dig deep and discover parts of you that can be enhanced.  So, if you're wondering if you are intuitive, the answer is yes.  Can you enhance what you have?  Absolutely.  Especially if the desire is there.  That's your indicator that intuition is part of what you came here to explore.

Do I have a guardian angel around me?  From:   K. D.
     Absolutely.  Everyone does.  You've known that all along.  What has caused you to doubt that truth?  Focus on you until you can remember that feeling of love and guidance.  It's right there where you are.  Don't search for it, just feel what's there.  You know you're loved, guided, and honored - you just got so caught up in the external world that you disconnected from your truth.  That's not uncommon.

Are you or is metaphysics involved in any form of dark arts?   From:  M.G
     No. That stuff is just the face of fear.  I (and metaphysics) focus on trust and faith in the love that created all that is.  See the "dark arts" as a tool that allows those interested to take the "long road" to love.  Any path is fine and all ways are a part of the whole Divine Order of things, but some are certainly more challenging or rough.  Just trust your path and let others choose for themselves.  We all end up in the same place eventually.

I'm trying to work with my intuition but don't seem to be getting anywhere.  What am I doing wrong? 
     I feel like I just don't have an intuitive bone in my body and I really want to be able to do this.  I'm really trying to apply what others say works but I'm getting little to nothing.  From:  F.D.
Stop trying.  The more you try, the more elusive it will become.  Let the information and guidance come to you.  Reaching for it will only frustrate you.  You have been getting the information all along, you're just trying too hard.  Let it approach you and you'll see what I mean.  Trust that you are intuitive (we all are) and just let it happen.  Relax.

Are ghosts real?     From:  L. J.
     Not so much.  What people percieve as "ghost" is generally a tapping into what has been or what they are expecting to be.   

Is your life perfect?     From:  L. W.
     Yes, absolutely.  However, looking from the conditioned human perspective, it's a crazy, tough, fun, challenging, sometimes frustrating, sometimes seemingly unfair, joyful, interesting, always-working-out-for-me life.  Just what I ordered.  ;)  The best part is, I've learned to watch the learning and appreciate it.  Yes, I get discouraged and frustrated at times - I've had and still have challenges.  I'm a work-in-progress and my life reflects that just like everyone else's.  But... I know everything is always working out for me.

What is a reading?
     A "reading" is good guidance. We all have free will and, therefore, create the details of our lives as we go. True guidance doesn't tell anyone what to do or how to do it. True guidance suggests that - with the thoughts you've been thinking and the decisions you've been making, this is the way things are moving. ...And here are some points you may want to consider as you go forward. But ultimately, it's your deal.  So, a good reading helps you navigate life more smoothly...and reminds you of the power you have to create. :)

What is tarot?
     Various symbols that represent the many 'things' we experience or contemplate during our lives. They're just wisdom in pictures. None are bad. None are good. They're just information (symbols) used to remind us of the wisdom we know deep within anyway. That's why they're used for guidance. They're a jumping off point.

Doesn't every card relate to every person somehow?
     Yes, that's the point.  They represent the "stuff of life" that we all experience in some way, at some point in time.  What they reflect now is what's relevant to you now. By the way, there are no "bad" cards.  The images are just symbols related to the circumstances of life.  For example, the death card represents big change/transition...since death is the biggest change we make, it's a great symbol for change.  The devil card refers to self-imposed limitations.  The figures are naked (which many see as a vulnerability) - they think there's a controlling force that chains them - so that's their reality.  If you notice, the chains are loose enough they can simply take them off and walk away.  Their fears limit them.  Get it?