Rebecca Troup Counseling

Classes, Events, Training

::Two different Intuition Development groups run every other Wednesday evening.  Contact me if you would like to join in.  $15/night.   These classes are held at my site (address is on Contact page). 

Private classes & training are available in-person or online.  

Reiki training can be scheduled as desired.

Current Class Schedule:

      ....more to come.

Advance registration is required for all classes and events. 

Please make every effort to attend a class once you have signed up.                                                                                                             

Ongoing classes are open to new participants.  You may register by phone, text, or email. 

Payment can be made via the Services Page of this site or by Venmo.

CCAC Schedule:
::  My schedule of classes at Community College of Allegheny County campuses can be viewed at
Classes are held at various college campuses in Allegheny County.  Please see (click the Community Education link) for details.  You must register and pay through CCAC by phone or online via the Community Education Department.