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They say hooray!!!

   "You should definitely try to reach more people with  your writing and teaching, have a way of presenting information that is completely profound,  yet comprehensible -- spiritual, yet rational -- based on faith and love, but is also grounded in educated wisdom."   Kim Chestney, author, The Psychic Workshop   Note:  Readers may also enjoy the thanks Kim offered me in her book.  

    "You changed my life!"  Mia, single mom & waitress extraordinaire

    "You have helped me change my life!  I am so much happier and at peace with the ups and downs alike.  Everyone I have sent to you is just as thrilled.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."   - M.S., Pittsburgh, PA

    "You are just so different and accurate in the way you work with people.  Years of conventional therapy didn't do near for me what you did!  Thanks!"    - E.L., Pittsburgh, PA

   "Rebecca, I am so glad I found you!  You've taught me loads already.  I will be calling you again!"  S. L., London, England

    "I look at life much differently now!  I wish I would have met you long ago."  M.B., Pittsburgh, PA

    "I have taken many courses at CCAC and this instructor is, by far, one of the best."  -CCAC North class evaluation

    "This instructor is wonderful!  Extremely informative and entertaining personality.  Have attended several of her classes.  -CCAC West Hills eval 4/27/13

   "I would rate it as one of the best classes I've taken and that means only 1 or 2 as "best".  I have taken many.  The instructor was well-prepared and made judicious use of time.  Also, she wasn't hawking a service/product as most do.  Very good class.  Actually learned something from someone else's perspective and received my money's worth!"        -Comment CCAC class evaluation

   "Excellent!  I so appreciated a context that was inclusive, not based on "belief" but faith supported by experience.   - CCAC North class evaluation

   "Rebecca, I completely agree with everything you said. You are so wise :)  I can't even thank you enough. I seriously almost cried reading your email. It really hit home with what is the truth behind all of this. You really are an inspiration to me in the way you view life and live your life! You are amazingly open to helping others find truth. "All is well" is going to become my new mantra :)"    -Cassandra R, Erie, PA

    "What a wonderful experience we had today, Rebecca!  Thank you for what you do!"   -Maria, Tia, Tara (mother & daughters)

    "I have a new perspective of life now.  Questions that I always would ask ('why does this happen, etc') have been answered through the excellent presentation of this class.  Very well done!   Thank you.  -Comment CCAC class evaluation

    "I enjoyed listening to the ideas presented in this course.  It helped my thought process and way of looking at things.  I feel more open-minded and more trusting in what may lie ahead."  -Comment CCAC class evaluation

    "I was at your Law of Attraction class at Community College & just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed it.  Thank You!"  -M.W.

    "Bravo Rebecca Troup!  Your gift of sharing a large amount of information in a clear, quick, concise manner is huge."   -Comment CCAC Life Between Lives class evaluation

      "I am so happy my lesson is continuing on throughout my night.  I am excited and anxious to match my emotions and belief with my physical well-being and give my body permission to "be well" !  I expect a great shift to occur within me; especially after tonight's amazing lesson!  You are quite the teacher and a beautiful presenter!  Thank you for being so patient."   -Elaine Lassinger, Certified Hypotherapist & Reflexologist

   "In my on-going spiritual journey, Rebecca has given me the information to help clarify questions I have about a variety of areas of my exploration.  She does this in a common sense way, acknowledging that each of us has our own path to learning.  A good teacher doesn't set themselves up as the only person who has all the answers.  They challenge you to use all the knowledge you've gained and find the wisdom inside yourself to make decisions in your life that are right for you at the time.  For the individual who desires to hear her wisdom and incorporate it into the situations they find themselves in, a greater understanding will surely follow.   -Gail Kemerer, Ligonier, PA

   "We have enjoyed many of Rebecca's wonderful lectures.  She speaks from a solid base of knowledge and experience.  Rebecca always gives you something new to think about.  -C. G. & J. G., Pittsburgh, PA

   "It was an incredible evening.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift.  I'm sure we'll be seeing you again!"  -S. Zollinger, Latrobe, PA

   "I think you are sooooo talented.  You've opened up a whole new world to me and I think it is incredibly interesting.  Thank you. Continued success and happiness to you in all you do."   -Dana Takach, Pleasant Hills, PA

   "Thank you so much.  You have read me twice and each time you make me feel so good and make me at such peace and feel happy.  You showed me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Thank HEAVEN for giving you such a WONDERFUL GIFT, making people feel happy and content."  -Karen, Belle Vernon, PA

"Recently, I completed Reiki I with Rebecca Troup as the instructor.  The course was very well presented and the instructor excelled in content as well as delivery.  I have no prior knowledge of Reiki and the course was enriching in knowledge."  -Mary Brophy  (Letter to CCAC, March 2006)

   "I attended your Angels in Waiting class and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!  I realize now how much I have blocked what I wanted out of life by negative thoughts.  Thank you for this insight.  You have changed my way of thinking."  -Donna, Jeannette, PA

   "Rebecca taught me about Tarot & Metaphysics.  It's true that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and appear she did.  Rebecca helped my find my way when I was lost and opened my eyes to a larger world. She shared her knowledge with me and showed my the path that I was unknowingly on before I met her.  Rebecca helped me to expand my knowledge and to become a more spiritual person, which had unlimited rewards.  Rebecca, I can never thank you enough!"  -Josh Heckert, Pittsburgh, PA
   "Thank you so much for the reading on the 11th---I am now full of creative energy!  I've been bragging about you to all my friends!  Thanks again for all your wisdom and guidance!  You truly are a gift!"   -Melissa B, Pittsburgh, PA

    "Troup, a ghost truster, helps ghosts get an afterlife."   -The Pittsburgh City Paper, 11/29/03

   "I took your tarot class at CCAC Boyce in October (with my sister).  I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for all your insight and knowledge that you shared!  If I am stressed or upset, I find myself opening by tarot book and the sense of calm that washes over me is amazing!  Thanks again.  I plan to take other classes that you offer.  I haven't enjoyed learning this much in a long time!"  -Lisa Shinko

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